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This Wednesday will mark a Full Moon in Sagittarius. It is also the second of a triad of eclipses. The first, a solar eclipse,  occurred at the New Moon on June 1st and the last, another solar eclipse and New Moon, will complete this potent cycle on July 1st. This upcoming Full Moon will occur with a lunar eclipse. My prefacing this “Reflection” with the technical information surrounding the Full Moon is meant to pique the curiosity of those who are interested in knowing more about the interpretations of  lunar energies. My intent here, is to offer up the space of opening to the moon in Her fullness and simplest, yet most primal form.

A beautiful piece of music can move and stir the tides within our emotional being. You do not need to know the mechanics and technicalities of the music to intuitively respond; nor do you even have to be a fan of the particular style of music. If it is skillfully crafted and imbued with the correct energetic intent you will be moved, inspired and transported.  The cycle that is the moon in all her phases evokes similar response, and at its peak of power, a beautiful full moon stirs not only our instinctual and creative nature, but draws us into her lunarscape of dreams and potential.  More importantly, the connection is one that is made at our deepest roots of emotion, desire and basic needs. The desire to run wild and free beneath the primal light of the moon surfaces in everyone’s fantasies or yearnings at least once in a lifetime. Some take up the call and find a primal nature within that lay long buried or was hidden by the conventionality of society’s expectation. It also stirs the passions within. Staring back at your lover with star-filled eyes and other-worldly light reflected on smooth skin ignite the desire to move and merge as one flowing being. Flowing in rhythm with each other just as the tides respond to mother moon’s pull. With all this divers energy and mystery surrounding the Moon is it any wonder that its greater mysteries are used to enhance sacred work. Dancing around a fire on a moon lit night, moving to the beat of drums is the nearest one can come to being totally absorbed into the Natural world. Mother Moon shines down to light the way that all may fall under her seductive spell. And, as energies rise in response to Her call time stops, the veils are parted and transformation begins.

An exercise to connect with the energies of the Full Moon:

On the eve of the Full Moon (or in the time 3 days prior up to 3 days after the after) set aside some time where you will not be disturbed and sit outside under moon light’s gaze. Quiet yourself and simply sit. Just as you would drink in the warming rays of the sun on a beautiful summer’s day, drink in the energies of luna’s downpour. As you sit, let her tell you her stories and lore. Listen with the rapt attention of a child sitting and listening to a story wrapped in the embrace of a mother’s love. And, with just as much love, gaze upward into the face of the radiant moon.

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