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There is a way between voice and presence

where information flows.

In disciplined silence it opens.

With wandering talk it closes.

~ Jelaluddin Rumi ~


We are a society of talkers. With the increased dynamics of technology, that talking state continues at multiple levels simultaneously. Texting while emailing, chatting while twittering and listening to a lecture while plugged into the latest music are the normal (and expected) ways of interacting.  Despite the appearance of making this even more connected, we have lost the art of listening. Deep conversations held one to one, with the space and time for pause and reflection are now the rarity. Listening and observing the flow of the conversation, the facial expressions and the subtle nuances that an i-cam misses are honed skills that we seem to have lost touch with.

The greatest loss of all is that which is held in the space between conversing and listening; between word and silence. This is the space where creation takes place. Where what has been heard is mulled over, digested and stimulates creative response. It is this space of pregnant pause that holds the potential for birthing the deeper level of connection that we all so crave.

As we move through the week. take some time to connect with a fellow human being. Sit quietly and deeply listen to what is being said. Breathe, pause and wait to give a response that has been informed by the silence between. Give birth to a new way of interacting and see where this river of silence takes you.

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