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I am someone who delights in learning new things, finding more sources to feed that new found knowledge and being swept away on the various currents that have fed into that source. Having admitted that, I am also becoming more acutely aware of the impact that trend of thought and process has on my overall well being and what tools are have used to embark on these treasure hunts.  


Some would consider me a Type A personality. Energetic, very driven; and,  the many years of being a ballet dancer enabled me with discipline, dedication and the overriding of my own limitations to transcend that physical vehicle. It was with the same approach that I entered into motherhood; having 5 children (under the age of five at one point) and making sure that each received full doses of what I could provide in support of seeking out answers to the important questions. This approach has always  been my modus operandi for pursuing my spiritual path, from the youngest age on. Sometimes I feel as though I was born with an encyclopedia in my hand, the desire to “know” has been so compelling. So, to that end, I have shelves of books, hoards of tapes on every and any subject relating to spiritual practice.

With the advent of a new year, a 55-year  birthday looming just weeks away and having taken long hard looks this past year at how to simplify, modify and make better use of the resources around, I truly “get it”. Listening to the message of my instinctual self has led me away from the book learning I  have so treasured. Taking selective days off from technology and queries has led me back to the stillness of inner query. And, sometimes holding back with offering that one last piece of information has been just what was needed by the intended recipient in coming to a conclusion of their own.

Most importantly, making a conscious choice to engage in experience, conversation and what could never be fully captured in the pages of a book or the usual informational sources, has taken me along currents that would have gone otherwise unnoticed, and these are often the ones most densely laden with gems of wisdom.

Happy Querying!

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