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We hustle and coerce

We contrive and spin

our webs of manipulation.

Saying all the while

“It’s just the cost of doing business”


Have to hit the benchmark

Productivity must increase

Sales are down and

Advertising is at full Blitz

The consumer buys in to the pitch-

Another sale made

After all,

“It’s just the cost of doing business.”


As the words reverberate

on Wall street’s stately bricks

The homeless stand and wait

For sandwiches out dated

Pastries un-bought and

Passerby’s tossed off coins


The only consumption for

The hungry is what

Society’s consumers thoughtlessly discard.

The mantra on tip of tongue,

it must be fresh and clean

Trendy and unused,

And, of course,

It absolutely must be cutting edge.


Things not truly needed

And quickly upgraded

While most of humanity

Just barely survives.


Sales are down and

Corporate America bemoans

Its imaginary crisis of poor state

And the echoes reverberate

On filthy subway walls

as the homeless take up the cry

“It’s just the cost of doing business!”


As we move into a New Year…


Let’s use up our natural resources, as we help others who have less

Let’s discard those things which continue to separate and divide us

Let’s be avid consumers of the gifts of love, friendship and community

Let’s buy only what we need from ethical and fair vendors

Let’s be hoarders of every opportunity to brighten someone’s day

And, as our bank accounts of life’s experience and interactions

Grows, matures and is ready to be cashed in

Let’s count our blessings earned and share the wealth with the world.


Written at a Starbucks while observing…. 12.29.2010

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