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Scintillating mind of reason and intellect

whose course is drawn from

the halls of libraries’ tomes.

Echoes of the One emanate down

into the hollow of conductivity.

The blueprint of electric charge and

inspiration’s whim creating the

alchemical tube to hold the elixir of

manifest form.

Teachings and truths spun together

and finally issued forth

flow on the currents of communication

and Hermes sets in stone the power

of mind and word.

The precision of the surgeon’s scalpel has

Cut away the extraneous matter and

Sun’s grace has heated the water’s core

Love has poured honey to soothe the

Gaping wounds and bridge the chasm of

beating heart and labyrinth of mind.

Luna’s mirror has sent the message of

Return or receipt of ideology finely tuned and

in finality, the most pure form of clarity

seeps down to ocean’s edge

Granules of sandy time dense

with outpour from horizon’s great beyond

Scintillating Mind of Reason and Intellect

The seed of Thought receives the food of the Gods

And once again blooms anew.

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