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This morning I felt the need to be outside at lunch. This had nothing to do with the beautiful sunny weather. Instead, it was a deep yearning to hear and feel what I sensed needed my time and attention.

I work in an office, sitting at the computer for most of my work day.  Although we have a window that looks out to a tree-lined neighborhood there is nothing natural about this environment. So, at lunch I walked to my favorite space that is nestled within a bustling suburban community. As I sat quietly on the porch of the historic colonial home that was once farmland .I felt my body relax and allowed my mind to open to receiving whatever wished to present itself.

Streams of energy came pouring in related to recent studies of alchemy, qabalah, tarot, astrology and more. Esoteric writings- ownership of my spiritual and mundane practices and the many paths I have taken all came flooding in.

As I sat quietly allowing these things to move in and through me, all seemed to come to a point or place of convergence.  I was aware that my physical self, acting as a receptacle was held within the support and greater container of the space of nature around me.  The thought and feelings of inter-connectedness resonated somewhere deep within me and my physical self, subtle bodies, physical space and nature’s subtle bodies flowed together, each feeding and taking spiritual nourishment from the other. I don’t know how long I sat in this way because at that point time seemed to pause and there was nothing but combined energy, seamlessly and effortlessly moving.  As the feeling subsided there was at once greater clarity and more detail in what I was looking at.

There are a few hawks that inhabit the physical place in which I sat. And as I looked out I saw a hawk hovering just above, circling the trees and casting shadow on the porch where I was sitting.  HE passed several times and then moved on. I am reminded of Hors and the alchemy of transformation and the lesson of union with the Divine nature. The aspiration of humanity to become part of the fabric and webbing of the unified whole at all levels of existence.  The ability to soar high above and still see with clarity and depth the tiny details beneath.

In a place of gratitude I am thankful that I answered the call to be held within the space of the natural world. I am thankful for the reminder that connection begins with sitting quietly and being open to what may be received- without the exerted will of preconceived expectation. As I got up to return to work, I was humbled by the beauty, strength and splendor of this place that offered deep wisdom. I will carry this wisdom with me as I go through my day and pause more often to see this energy that surrounds us as the catalyst for stirring and awakening an inner sense of connection and continuum. Continuum, that provides a place of anchor- the physical and manifest Earth- from which we too, as the Heru Hawk may soar towards our birthright of oneness with the Cosmos.
Where will you find yourself when the “need” arises?

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