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Training the Mind and Freeing the Spirit

In all of our spiritual pursuits, being fully in touch with our thought processes and aligning this with the emotional and the active parts of our being are key ingredients to the progress we make and the resultant success or failure of our work.  The Mind helps us to re-member and re-assemble the pieces that make up who we are- physically, emotionally and Spiritually. Working with the mental processes and conditioning our minds to work at the highest capacity moves us closer to a state of freeing up the limitations we put on ourselves and opening instead to the recognition of spiritual nature.

The brain acts as the physical conduit of mind (or consciousness). We often use the two words interchangeably; so seamless is the activity of each in tandem with the other. When we think of the brain there is the scientific attribution of right and left brain and the specific function of each.  We know of the analytical and logical nature of the left brain and those who are dominant in holding that space are generally productive in a way that is schematic and highly structured. Right brain dominance is the place of creative flexibility.  Pursuits of artistic and highly creative design are the mainstay for those who are predominantly right brain in focus. Actively learning to engage a portion of each of these states of physiological response brings us closer to understanding the nature of the creative process of manifestation.

Activities which allow for the creative brain to use the structure and organization of the analytical brain help to forge stronger communication between the two.  The simple act of meditation is one that can make use of both states of function.  We sit in controlled and structured form; first allowing the analytical mind to observe and comment internally on what we are attempting.  As we loosen and allow these thoughts attempt to bring order to the process, a softening enters.  The mental processes begin to free and the creative brain takes over; setting the internal screen and transforming what is underlying structure into flowing creative movement. Moreover, this conditions the mind to be flexible and responsive to the control that is being imposed upon it.

The Power of the Mind

When we learn to control our mind we are on the path towards stepping into our full power. Now, to be very clear about this, I am not speaking of Power over another and the enticement that many are led to the Craft by with being able to manipulate and control for their own self-interest. Power is at best a tricky word to use when speaking of spiritual matters as it has often the overlays of negativity surrounding it, making those who wish to remain humble and world serving avoid it’s use and those who do not fully understand the implications and responsibilities that accompany it’s acquisition to over-state it.

The Power to which I am referring is the knowledge and use of your own Divine nature. This power has intention for the higher development of your own energies and the resultant impact on that which makes up your world of experience. It is knowing when and how to exert your will so that it may work in alignment with the Higher Will; and when to pause and be guided by your Higher nature which is in constant communication with the Universal source of all life.

This mind set also brings us to the need for ethical action and interaction, with the caution being to remain ever mindful of your undertakings. YOU are ultimately the one accountable for your actions and the chain of cause and effect that those actions may incur. For example; If. on any given morning you get up in a bad mood and begin your day in a rushed and stressed manner, the physical you sets off a specific chain of events and energies based upon that mood. If, later that day you bring that energy into ritual, meditation or any type of spiritual work that will awaken and call into action the Spiritual self with that negative energy amplified exponentially and rippling out into the realms in which you are working. The intent will be affected and thus change the outcome. This is one of the reasons for always doing some sort of grounding meditation to align yourself with positive energy prior to beginning magickal and spiritual workings.

So how do we correct this mess? The obvious answer is to not let it occur in the first place. This is not to say that we are never to have a bad day, be stressed or angry. But acknowledging those Thoughts that generate the Feelings which are then acted upon is a first step towards training and controlling where your mind leads you. The most difficult aspect of this training is in changing the way we think. There is needed a certain resiliency and adaptability that most of us rarely experience. To be flexible of mind is to become the buoy in the midst of a severe ocean storm.  To remain steady, despite the violence of the waves and to allow the turbulent water to pass over; but not to overcome you. When this sureness and calmness is applied to our thoughts we can accomplish great things. We respond, rather than react. We move with the tides of energy as they flow rather than bucking against them frantically.

All of the techniques below send powerful messages to the brain and work to develop and train you to be in sync and in flow with the energy around you. This in turn creates adaptability and flexibility as you move into sacred space and the varied patterns of energy contained therein.

Meditation teaches you to relax and quiet your physical being and your mind.

Eating well and regular exercise  gives the message to your physical self that you are cared for and as a spiritual vessel and declares the intent that “I will honor you”.

Pausing before speaking and truly listening to what is being said, opens you to receptivity and the opportunity to expand your awareness.

Excerpted in part from:
A Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path

Image credit: rolffimages / 123RF Stock Photo

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