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Lighting the Way

We don’t usually give much thought to those routine actions that occur during our day. For the most part unless there is a disruption in the pattern we have set, they remain transparent. The greater thing that goes unnoticed is our impact on those around us in response to those routine actions we take. What if we shined a spotlight on these transparencies? Would be proud of what was revealed, or would we give pause and stand at attention at the less than positive way we may be behaving?

A variety of recent events set my mind towards thinking about the impact I have on others and the way in which I present myself. These thoughts are ones I routinely come back to and some old habits resist change despite my efforts. We all know how it goes. You start your day with the best intentions of being compassionate and thoughtful of those you encounter; and before you know it the end of the day has come and in looking back you realize that the harsh tone you used was not necessary. You replay how you could have handled this or that situation in a more understanding way and vow to do better the next time. We are after all human, and the things that push our buttons and provide challenge in our exemplifying our true spiritual nature seek us out uninvited and always at the most unfortunate of times. This dance we engage in with who we wish to be and who we are goes on endlessly and soon becomes the basis of the routine actions that occur during our day.

As magickal workers and seekers of spiritual evolvement, the responsibility is even greater for us to be mindful of how we move through the course of our mundane activities. It is this grace that is offered to the mundane that then becomes the sacred actions that we carry into our workings. We would all agree that there is great power in the words we speak. And, with that intention we choose carefully what and how we interact and communicate with others. We take that care and fill that communication with our Will in ritual space as we call forth the powerful energies of elements and Deity. We speak strongly the statements that we wish to manifest and carefully weigh the oaths and promises we make in sacred space before those seen and unseen. And, at other times we are called to hold our presence within the space of silence, both in the magickal and the mundane.

We aspire towards compassion and a state of perfect love and perfect trust and guard our emotions well in settings that render us feeling powerless and vulnerable. We carry this caution at times in to our workings, holding back ever so slightly in what we truly wish to lay bare and shed our tears only through much prodding and reprimand from the Divine.

All of our actions seen and unseen stand as the model for each person we interact with. One of the interesting revelations about parenting is that children pick up on the most subtle of our actions. Those little nuances that in later years we see our children repeat , now subtly internalized as their own and still confused about how they could have pick up on that behavior. There are shelves of books about the subtleties of body language and how to decode the hidden meanings. There are even more shelves of books and research about the telltale signals that our facial expressions give away, revealing the truths about what we really are thinking in any given situation. There are stacks of books that teach how to mask your true feelings, be persuasive and commanding in even the most challenging situations

And, while the spotlight is being poured onto these pseudo and superficial mannerisms, affects and tricks the true underlying you and your pure feelings are held cloaked in the dark until it is safe to come out of hiding.

My challenge to us all is to stand unabashedly in the Light. To pick up the lantern of living your spiritual truths at all times. To develop a routine and pattern of being fully present and aware of your actions, words and the way in which you move through the energy and space of your daily doings. The more consistent the effort is at working towards this state of being, the more deeply this state of being will become the model for all of your endeavors lighting the way of a transformative path for those who follow.

Photo Credit: “Light Up the Way” by Aglo

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