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The vital organs of each of the subtle bodies  

Practical application of the Chakras, until recent years was generally only used by those following an Eastern path of spiritual development. The information about Chakras and their correspondences and individual names are derived from the Vedas and presented as aspects of Brahma. Although theses have always been engaged and used in magickal workings,  the entire networking, naming and mapping of the energetic body, had a different emphasis and point of origin that was not necessarily aligned with the semantics of identifying the components as chakras and subtle bodies.

Today, we as conscious magick workers incorporate and infuse our work and methodology with a variety of sources and ancient systems of knowledge.  The overlap of Eastern and Western Hermetics is becoming the standard for many magickal groups and traditions, and the efficacy of this collaborative perspective including use of the chakras and their corresponding energetic anatomy is part of the foundational work of a well-rounded magician.

The name Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning” wheel or disk”. These centers or wheels of energy are considered the vortex points along the central axis of the body that continually open and close in response to our emotions and stimuli from the outer world. The Chakras operate like valves that channel the electrical current of the Universal Life Force, or ***Kundalini/ into the body. Each chakra is represented as a multi-petaled lotus, the number of petals varying according to the particular chakra. This imagery has been been the norm in representing the chakras and was largely derived from the consistent reports and experiences of those gifted with the sight to see the energy signatures and patterns. Of course, as is true of any viable system the visual perception of what these energy centers looks like has to some degree evolved into new interpretation filtered through the philosophies and knowledge base of the individual.  There are hundreds of decks of Tarot cards now, but the images depicted on the Rider-Waite deck are still those used as the beginning staple of tarot study. Wuth that in mind, I would refer you to the traditional Indian images, colors and association with the lotus.

***”Kundalini” literally means coiling, like a snake. In the classical literature of Hatha Yoga,  kundalini is described as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. The image of coiling, like a spring, conveys the sense of untapped potential energy…

Our bodies are comprised of energy. Most of that energy is unseen. The hard wiring of our system is an elaborate network of meridians *, nadis ** and chakras all contained within each of the subtle bodies simultaneously. This concept is similar to that of the hall of reflective mirrors: each reflecting the image of the other, contained within the other ad infinitum. The chakras work in tandem with and within these networks. And, the vibratory rate and flow of their energy adjusts in resonance to the more refined nature of each of the subtle bodies in which they reside.

* The meridians are the pathways of chi (energy) and blood flow through the body.

** The nadis are the channels through which the enlivened kundalini energy passes in its upwards movement.

The Chakras reside etherically within the subtle bodies and could be considered the vital organs of each of the layers of subtle bodies that incorporate our being. The traditional Hindu system names seven major chakras.But, there are in fact hundreds of chakras throughout our body. Two that commonly open when doing work with hands are located within the palms of each. And, two others are located centrally within the soles of the feet and are what we connect with and open when we do a grounding meditation to connect with the earth’s energy.

See the image to the right.Graphic BIg

Each Chakra has multiple correspondences assigned to it. The color designates the vibrational scale of that particular chakra and the element the essence of its primary energy. Each chakra has a specific function /or energetic nature as it relates to the location of the chakra. The affirmation of the chakra declares its intent.  When studying these correlates they serve to bring the individual closer to understanding the entire system that comprises the energetic make-up of our physical and subtle bodies.

In consciously focusing the intent and energy of individual or combinations of specific chakras we can affect change in how we present our selves magickally and mundanely. If one is teaching, the focus could be on enlivening the throat, third eye and crown chakras so that the presentation of material will be inspired (Crown), intuitive (Third Eye) and carried with the bolster of right communication (Throat).  If an important interview or meeting with someone you normally feel intimidated by and find difficulty in finding your own will is scheduled; empower the collaborative efforts of the Throat (communication) and the Solar Plexus (the seat of your personal power and will) to strengthen your interaction and bolster your point of view.  And, if there is need for a compassionate quality, engage the heart and throat chakras so you will project from a heart-centered space.

The table below highlights the Seven Major + Transpersonal (approximately upward stretched arms’ length above your crown chakra)

Eastern Name Color Function Element   Affirmation
1st Root/Base Muladhara Red Roots-Grounding-Survival Earth   I Have
2nd Sacral Svadisthana Orange Change-Polarities-Emotions Water   I Feel
3rd Solar Plexus Manipura Yellow Power-Autonomy-Will Fire   I Can
4th Heart Anahata Green Love-Compassion-Balance Air   I Love
5th Throat Visuddhi Light Blue Communication-Sound-Creativity Ether   I Speak
6th Third Eye Ajna Indigo Seeing-Intuition-Vision Light   I See
7th Crown Sahasrara Purple Consciousness-Knowing-Transcendence Thought   I Know
  + Transpersonal Brilliant Light The interface and connecting point of union with the Higher Self   I Am

When energy is running smoothly through each of these chakras there is a balance that is achieved allowing the individual to function at their highest capacity on all levels; mundanely and spiritually.  If there is an imbalance or lessening of flow through a specific or multiple chakras, the individual may feel lethargic, sluggish and be less effectual in magickal and mundane endeavors.

A good beginning practice to acquaint yourself with the energy of the chakras and to move a clean flow of energy through each is to do a daily chakra renewal exercise.  I suggest daily, because it should be a natural as brushing your teeth and as effective in keeping everything at peak condition. Next week I will post a basic renewal exercise that can be incorporated into your daily practice.  In the meanwhile, try to note where you feel energy flowing the most easily from and through your body as you move through the week. If possible, also note how and where this changes in a variety of situations and range of emotions.  The more often you give pause and note these sensations, the more connected you will become to your specific energetic patterns and better able to focus in on how your chakra system responds to its environment.

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