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Joshua Bell.

Photo by Chris Lee

The music is held closely to my heart
It reverberates through
the passages and corridors of what lay within

The vibration pushes against
each door and the scared sound
once being heard
unlocks the most secret and secure of chambers

Notes of breathless beauty
flood in filling each space
with arpeggios of light
that dance delicately into
the furthest and darkest corners

Music fills my mind
the geometric visions unraveling and
opening the currents of flow
crystalline webs spun
each intent upon catching
within its center the cosmic

sustenance of the Soul

Each note hangs as though
suspended in mid-air-
the point within the field
of Divine Creation
Each note in harmony
with the other creating
the urge of impulse that
forms the threshold to the unknown

The door to the great unseen
flung open wide
as the key turns the lock ~
Sound, rhythm and vibration of
energetic seed in consummate union
with the the womb of sacred intelligence

Music and mortal embrace
resonance and harmonics
the essence of genetic and celestial being
and in the symphony of silence
Life becomes the progeny
of creative emanation ….

This poem was written last year  during my daughter’s concert with The Philadelphia Sinfonia Youth Orchestra. Music has always touched me in a deep and very profound way. Sitting, with eyes closed and allowing the flow of rhythm and vibration to wash over me served as transport into the realms of inner mind, feeling and urge. We are surrounded daily by music, yet most of us barely acknowledge or connect with the harmony or discord that is crafted by voice, vehicle, machine, nature or the simple beating of our heart.

The rhythmic beating of our hearts as we move through the activities and mental processes of our day is the symphony that guides us. A rapid beating signals that we are in a state of anticipation or excitement. The slow rhythmical beating of one who is at rest or in relaxed state, creates the endorphic state of joy. The pounding rhythm of a heart in the midst of exercise to maintain the body rivals the boldest of marches and affirms that we are vital, potent and very much alive. And, within this flood of emotion and action come the gems of reason; each stimulating a seed thought about the experience. Each calling forth a union of mind and heart in a way that spawns the great visions and creative efforts that withstand time.

picture credit: Joshua Bell from the movie- “Music of the Heart”

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