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The moon is Full in Taurus today and I am drawn to her call.  Sitting outside in the crisp cool November air and staring up in awe at the beauty of moon and cloud and night sky I am reminded once again of the energy and power of this action.  Although I try to get outside and under the presence of the moon’s energies on each full moon, often this is not possible . Partly because of living in a very urban setting and partly because of other duties and responsibilities that pull me in  other directions. So, my connection is generally inside in meditation and/or ritual.

But, on those evenings when I make it outside the connection, the celebration and the working of the lunar tides is held with a strength and burst of power and energy that indoor work pales in comparison to. And, so I sit in the full embrace of this moon’s fixed and earthy energy and allow its luminescence to wash over and through  me. I open to the velvety caress of  Mother Sky’s body wrapped over me and I open myself to the call of the lunar tides.

Make some time this week to sit in the beauty of the out doors. Welcome the warmth of Father Sun and cloak yourself in the mystery of Lady Moon. Rain, wind, snow, heat and fair weather are all of the Divine’s making. Sit in her splendor and reclaim your place in nature.  Blessings of a beautiful lunar night.


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