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These next two posts will be the conclusion of meditations on the sacred text outlining The Seven Hermetic Principles – The Kybalian. As with most things esoteric, the ultimate path towards conclusion of thought, experience or goal is usually not the straightest, nor the quickest. And so it was with these writings, which opened up new side roads to explore for a time ; always with the thought of bringing those new seeds of inspiration back in return to the Path of Foundation laid.

(Please take a look at posts in June- July and September for the first 5 Principles).

Principle the Sixth: The Principle of Cause and Effect

Pull against the tides

The glistening sand and shell is revealed

Open the heart in gratitude

And the crowd of humanity rushes in

Retreat into the hollow space of silence

And the echo of sound is unbearable

Speak loudly of the unspeakable truths

And the quiet guilt takes your breath away

Move with the dynamics of fiery will

And gates of iron tremble at your foot fall

Close your eyes to the disease of injustice

And chaos drives the chariot of destruction

Rip through the veil of bountiful limit

And the great tsunami of potency crashes down

Move into the heart and fullness of God

And She pulls you deeper into her embrace

Remain in the place of expanded stillness

And all of the inner workings of the cosmos

Become the sweet fulfillment of the Soul

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