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Movement- mass- form
waters of inspiration bejeweled
with flecks of sapphire and and gold
Guardian of tides and chalice of pure expression

Trident upturned – point flashing and sharp
impaling flesh and limb in
this illusory state of creation’s making

A turn and downward three
droplets of manna of the Gods
from their shining gates

Deep in this place of shadow
and unrelenting pressure
a seed of light awaits birth~
translucent form awaits in this abode
and is drawn towards the surface
with each contraction of birth

White capped waves swell and rise
under the duress of stormy pressure
and electric strands of Light flash
through the watery veil creating pathways
of current and line

A catalytic urge of exertion and will
the final moment of king’s crown

The Trident rises~
I hear the Mariner’s call
and I am once again home

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