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The Unveiled

We blend, we merge, we move between and within- the ebb and flow of the tides becoming- moving both away and towards the edge of manifestation.

Heat, swirling, memory and tide pools of thought- the flotsam and jetsam of a turbulent sea contracting with the rhythm of birthing.

The moon’s reflection on still, black waters that hold the quickened seeds of life within. And, what of this Life- what is its purpose?

The fine mist of fertile energy- tiny particles of potency and potential- wafting upwards- drawn back to the Source of all being.

Heat-flame-solar flare of molten gold. The dross burnt away- the fusion complete- brilliant light-cold icy burning darkness and…

Once again the black waters reclaim- the tides recede and the mystery is revealed.

What remains to be revealed to you? Where do you find the mystery of your being?

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