The Sun has risen and light spills into the world heralding the burgeoning Light!

A Witch's Sacred Journey

A Simple Contemplative Ritual

Today the offering is a simple ritual you may wish to use on day after the Winter Solstice. We have been seeking the light within; we have called forth that light and as we stand in the first day towards the increase of Light, all comes to this sweet point of hope and promise.

What you will need:

  • A quiet space where you will not be disturbed and is or can be darkened;
  • Something comfortable to sit on;
  • Any color candle and holder;
  • Matches (preferably the long ones)-not a lighter;
  • A warm cup of cider, hot chocolate or tea.

Establish your space in whatever way aligns with your practice, calling it forth as a sacred, safe and quiet space for your working.

Settle in to whatever chair or other bodily support you have chosen. Make note of the strength of it as it supports the contours…

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The Winter Solstice is Here!

A Witch's Sacred Journey

All Hail the Winter Solstice!
December 21.2019

Sun in Capricorn

Today is the final countdown and we welcome the longest night, now knowing that we carry the flame of newborn light within. This day is marked astronomically by the moment the Sun  reaches its southern most point in the sky, its orbit aligning with the earth’s horizon at the astrological demarcation of Capricorn. Mercury and Pluto also share the Capricornian energy of this day and the energy of earth is more pronounced.

Mercury in astrological Capricorn brings deliberate and rooted style of communication that cals us to become more anchored in our beliefs and ideologies.   And, if we are resistant, Pluto reminds us of the necessary endings so that what lay in the future may be birthed from what has past before. In fact, Pluto has been working on this agenda at the level of our earthy perceptions for…

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Today’s post includes a video version of a special Tarot Spread for the Winter Solstice. Enjoy!

A Witch's Sacred Journey

A Tarot Spread for the Winter Solstice

Today’s post is a call to opening to your intuitive nature and standing in the power of what this Solstice can bring into your life and being moving forward. This tarot spread was create specifically for the energies and circumstances we find ourselves surrounded in this year-2020.

No worries if you don’t have or use Tarot cards. This spread can also use runes, crystals or any other divination tool you may have. And, in keeping with the power of the magickal worker, sitting in contemplative opening and simply posing the questions of focus aligned within this spread and listening to what the Higher Self and the Divine will share with you is all that is needed. You are the instrument of divination, wisdom, and all that is needed for any inquiry.

Blessinsg of this spread and the bounty of gifts that the light…

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The countdown is almost complete! Today’s post includes a link to a course of awakening the fires of the solstice within. Enjoy!

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Waking Up

Breathe deeply. The time is almost here. We stayed out in the sun’s full light and knew that the days would shorten and the time for quiet and rest would be ticking down to the day that soon will be.

We’ve waited through the first harvest, as wheat and grain were cut and the grain lord nourished and filed our bellies. We’ve waited through the second harvest and the last of the root and sacrifice of the animal gave promise that we would survive the increasing darkness ahead.

We called to the ancestors and stood at death’s gate seeking the way and offering up plates of food and drink to those beloveds long past. The veils parted and their gossamer form billowed out in the chill of purposeful winds. And, the cry of the banshee cut sharp and strong like shards of ice.

We settled in deeply to…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

Image: Ellen Vaman

The Light Within the Shadow of the Solstice
The Work of Self
This is Part 1 of a 2-Part Post

For most of us the turning of the Greater Wheel to the Winter Solstice is one of welcoming the return of the Light of renewal and strength, the promise of increasingly longer hours of daylight and anticipation of warmer weather and a more outer world focused time. This change is subtle in physical form as this is also when the cold of the Winter will remain for a few months more prompting us to retreat indoors as the early arrival of evening’s darkness envelopes and calls us into the warmth and light of home.

Each year, I do my work of Self, both within my Tradition (The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel) and personally to call forth this return of Light. And, I also find myself retreating…

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The countdown continues as the Seagoat marks the lunar day….

A Witch's Sacred Journey

In the Aura of the Winter’s New Moon

As we move towards the Winter Solstice and the return of Light, today, the moon has now progressed into astrological Capricorn and, as I like to say, stands in the aura (I usually consider this to be the time of approx. 2-3 days on either side of its actual phase) of the recent New Moon.

The moon waxed New in the astrological sign of fiery Sagittarius on Monday, December 14th. This winter moon and its timing near to the date of the Winter Solstice holds the promise of connectivity and reaching beyond your comfort zone as you seek new trails to “blaze” (no pun intended). This is the energy of lighting the match (the Fire element of Sagittarius) just before and to ensure that a warm and blazing fire can be started. This is the light that shines throughout the dark and…

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Pausing 19-Days today…

A Witch's Sacred Journey

I am pausing today’s 19-Day post for something more important. Yesterday I learned of the sudden passing of a dear friend. PL was a sweet, caring and much loved member of our tradition, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. She was always willing to be a friend, support and ally to everyone. She was a retired nurse (DE Hospital for the Chronically Ill) and truly lived a life of compassion and care fro every living being. PL was treasured by her family and they filled every part of her life and love. And, without warning, she is gone from this plane of existence and will be a much missed light in so many people’s lives.

This tragic passing is a harsh reminder that none of us know when our time to pass through the veils will be. We do not know when our loved ones, friends or colleagues time will…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

If you are yearning for some snow, cold and the feelings of a traditional Yule, take a walk into…..

A Point of Clarity (in the Storm)

Today’s post is a journey through a snowstorm. Find a quiet setting where you will not be disturbed and allow this pathworking to move through you…

A Point of Clarity

Please note that you will be redirected to my site on Bandcamp. Not enough memory on this page..

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Day Eight-A Tarot Spread of Revelation. Two options available-ViDEO and Transcript page with Links

A Witch's Sacred Journey

The Lantern of Truth
Tarot Spread

Transcript and Links

This page is the transcript of a VIDEO showing the Lantern of Truth Tarot Spread

A Little Numerology:

The Hermit- Key IX

Nine (9)is the number of endings and beginnings and initiatory experience. This is the final single digit number that relates to the individual and unique “you”. Wherever nine occurs there is opportunity for growth; but, only if you willingly leave behind what serves no purpose towards your future growth.

The Star of the Lantern-VI

Six (6)is the harmonious elevation of three expressions of being. Two co-create and the resultant product is a third. This triune nature is one of pure creation and amplified x’s 2 gives the energy of polarity. This is the blueprint for creation that is diverse and can serve as a summation of all of its parts. In the model of the 6-pointed star…

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Day Eight-A Tarot Spread of Revelation. Two options available-ViDEO and Transcript page with Links

A Witch's Sacred Journey

The Lantern of Truth
Tarot Spread

Today’s post is a special Tarot spread that can be used anytime you are seeking deeper insight into how to stoke those fires of light that dispel the darkness and illuminate growth. It aligns with the six-pointed star that is held within the lantern of the Hermit. This being the product of the greater work of turning within and allowing to grow a light of consciousness that shines brightly in any circumstance and on all planes. I have also given a little hint as to the Qabalistic references of the card’s placements (not necessarily the traditional assignations :).

Click for the: Transcript Page and Link

Refer Back to Day Seven Post: The Magician, The High Priestess and The Hermit

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