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Navigating the Neptune Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces-April 12.2022 @ 9:43am (EDT)…Enjoy!

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

9:43am (EDT)

What do you want to manifest? Might seem like an odd question coming from a discussion of the upcoming Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, but…..living a corporeal existence is always about what the individual wishes to manifest-create-bring to themselves. The tools used towards that goal change, but the underlying goal is always the same, whether it appears that way or uses those semantics.

Another question circling this astrological event is what you are willing to take a deep hard look at and decide how it best serves you and how you choose to present yourself in the world. We have all at one time or another been enamored with the glamor of magickal pursuits and the desire to evolve into powerful beings, but what does that really mean and more importantly, is that reality? Our preceptions of who we are determine what choices we make and sometimes the best…

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An Informed Way to begin the New Year-2022. Enjoy!

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Happy New Year! Every year I sit quietly and create a Tarot spread to bring more clarity to my year. 2022 heralds a number “6” year (2+0+2+2=6/) and the potential for bringing more harmony into our lives. We certainly can use harmony as we remain in the grips of COVID and its variants. The harmony that we seek is that which comes from a space of calm and serenity that we are able to cultivate within ourselves.

This tarot spread makes use of the principles of the Hermetic Tree of Life. However, you do not need to be versed in Qabalistic study to use this spread. Honoring the 12 month cycles of a year, the spread uses 12 cards in draw.

How To:
Set the mood and find a quiet space in which to lay out your spread. I like to light a white pillar candle, lay my cards out…

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

Life-long Learners

Samhain calls us to seek the wisdom of the Ancestors and to forge new ways of being from that information. This is also a space of affirmation that we who walk the path are life-long learners. Matters of spirit and magick are constantly evolving because we are the driving force and we are constantly changing, growing and transforming.

We have passed through astrological Samhain’s gate, and now is a perfect opportunity to spend some time thinking about what areas of the craft you would like to be more versed in. What calls to you to explore? What feeds your soul that could be expanded and deepened? Then dive in and keep learning.

These two courses may be of interest to you at this Samhain season: Awakening the Inner Sun (Fire of the Elemental Series) and The Magickal Persona. Click below to access the descriptions, pdfs and audio…

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All Hallow’s Eve is upon us and the Hounds are nipping at my heels….

A Witch's Sacred Journey

The Hounds nip at my heelsas I move through the darkveil of Samhain Night.

I breathe deeply feeling thepain of sharp teeth and hotbreath as grateful reprievecomes as winged feet take flightSoaring and carrying me upward.

Time pulls at my back drawing medown into a descent of shadow and lightI breathe deeply and feel the strain offorward momentum gaining speedand clarity shatters the fetters of illusion.

Thoughts gather and commune in
my mind each measured by scale of
will and intent as the breath of death
and decay swirls around me .

The Hounds nip at my heels
still running at fevered pace
my breath coming in shortened
gasps and heart that beats
like syncopated drumming.

The Hounds nip at my heels
coming closer still until
I offer up my dues and surrender
to the renewal of rebirth
returning to…

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Divination is the staple for today’s 30-Days of Samhain post…..

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Opening to Divination

Circle round thriceAs the witch’s pouchIs held tight.

The cauldron is filledWith water and moonlight.

Gaze up towards Lady MoonAnd call forth your desire.

The herbs in the bag of artThrow now into the heatOf the blazing fire.

Gaze into thatWhich holds the keyReflecting back theTreasure of answer to me.

Herb and waterIron and flameThe truth revealedThe heart’s desire thusly named.

No Samhain celebration would be complete without some curiosity and action taken to peer into what “may be”. To that end, divination is the space of opening to being receptive enough to ask the query and receive the answer. Today’s post sets the stage for that work…

When we hear the word “Divination” it usually conjures up a picture of the gypsy fortune-teller who will predict your future love interest, dream job or soon…

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Day Sixteen of the Annual 30-Days of Samhain posts. Time to catch up…

A Witch's Sacred Journey

The Ancestor’s Cauldron
A Pathworking of Communion

I would like to invite you to join me on a journey of seeking wisdom from the ancestors. The pathworking may be used anytime to deepen your connection, but it is particularly useful as a tool at Samhain and during the time between that flows into the Winter Solstice.

You will want to find a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed for approx. 20-30 minutes. I would suggest that you have a small object that belonged to or represents your beloved ancestor to hold while experiencing the pathworking. This will set up the intention of reaching out. You may also light a candle if you wish.

When you are ready, you may either read through the transcript below or click on the link to access an audio recording. Blessings on your journey…

audio –The Ancestor’s Cauldron
(you will be redirected…

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30-Days of Samhain 2021 is back! Check it out….

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Preparing for the Journey of the Shadow

Today’s post is a reminder that the work of Samhain is not only about connecting with the Ancestors, but also one of entering into the darker spaces we hold within. This is the work of the Shadow and the way in which this work is achieved varies from tradition to tradition, psychoanalytical practice, beliefs and philosophies and everything that makes us human and spiritual in nature. When we become aware of this aspect of ourself, we are claiming the mantle of walking in both light and dark and recognizing the polarized state of Being that we are. I’ve posted below Part One of a three-part article exploring the shadow I wrote several years ago. We’ll revisit this work later in the month…. Enjoy!

Down the Rabbit Hole– Part One

The Dark Side of the Light

At some point in the journey on our…

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Thoughts on Friday’s New Moon in Cancer. Enjoy…

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

Art: The Titan’s Cup by Thomas Cole (1833)

New Moon in Cancer
July 9.2021
9:16 (EDT)

Sun in CancerRetrogrades Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Saturn in Aquarius Pluto in Capricorn

Mother Moon waxes New in astrological Cancer on Friday, July 8.2021 at 9:16 (EDT). Cancer is an elemental sign of water, ruled by the Moon and as such emotions, who we call family and the spaces of sanctuary we have created may feel as though they are surrounding us in deep waters of healing-or of overload. A New Moon is an opportunity for a fresh start, bolstering what has been put into place through previous cycles or just simply a time to allow to arise what needs to be actuated. This particular New Moon gains the support of astrological Cancer and the tides of its waters of foundational home and support from those you have chosen as family. The…

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As we flow into this 4th of July weekend and the reopening of many states it feels appropriate to remember the space of pause, slowing down and finding the sweet spot of serenity that abides within all of us.

I created this video as an online offering and had the privilege of being joined by others as we committed a space of time to simply Being in the state of stillness and calm. I hope you will take time for yourself amidst the activities of this weekend and the months ahead. My wish for you is one of self-appreciation and joy as you find renewal and strength in the Temple of Serenity…

Please enjoy this and other videos on my Youtube site: A Journey to the Inner Chamber

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About this spread:

This is a favorite spread that I created back in 2015 and have used every year as a new year begins and new opportunities abound. I am paying particular attention for this year’s draw as we move into 2021 and so much is still in the pending phase. Just as 2020 brought unexpected events, I want to be as prepared as possible for what 2021 may hold and how I can navigate the inevitable changes in a more self-informed way. And, if nothing else, there is a certain comfort in allowing the intuitive self to take a peek into the possibilities.

With the dawning of a New Year, there are many ways to welcome this fresh start. This astrological spread is a way of accessing information that can be used throughout the year as the Sun transits from one astrological sign to the next. The emphasis is on you standing at the center of the Great Wheel as the Sun and Moon. I’ve chosen to share and use this spread as the start of the New Year, but you can begin the process or start anew at any point in time during the year.

Although the Sun transits into the next astrological sign around the third week of each month and extends into the next, for simplicity I am using the calendar month as the place of focus:

January – Capricorn
February – Aquarius
March – Pisces
April – Aries
May – Taurus
June – Gemini
July – Cancer
August – Leo
September – Virgo
October – Libra
November – Scorpio
December – Sagittarius

Something that I like about this spread is the longevity and opportunity each month to use what has been drawn as I carry forward from the previous Solar Months and look forward to what is coming ahead, by way of preparation through the current month’s choices.

What You Will Need:

  • Your favorite Tarot deck
  • A journal to record each month’s card and impressions and outcomes for that month*
  • Solid Colored cloth to lay your cards on
  • Your Natal Information:  Sun sign and Moon sign**

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Lay out your cloth and thoroughly shuffle your Tarot deck. Sit for a moment and breathe into the deck you are holding. Formulate the intention of seeking guidance for the upcoming year and each of the Solar Months that will occur.

As in the picture….

Place your cards face down, beginning in the Center.
Lay one down-this is your Natal Moon Card.
Lay a second car on top – this is your Natal Sun Card.

Then, in the order as pictured place your 12 (twelve) cards face down in the pattern of the Great Wheel of the Zodiac, beginning at Capricorn.

Reading Your Cards:

When all of the needed cards have been placed, take a moment to breathe into what you have out-pictured and hold the intention that you have created the vision of cosmos and the energy that flows as each Solar Month takes on the mantle of its astrological ruler.

When you are ready, turn each of the cards over and face up, until all are revealed. You want to have a preview of the year as represented in its entirety. Allow yourself to be open to what your first instincts tell you about the story out-pictured in the 12 cards of the Zodiac.

TIP: Take a picture of your spread. This is an easy reference tool that recreates the energy and allows the feelings you had around the spread to resurface with each viewing.

Using this spread throughout the year and setting up Your Journal:

In the journal you have chosen:

Use the front page and write your name(s)-magickal, mundane, whatever you wish and dedication of this journal towards an informed and healthy 2021.

Then, use the next page to paste a picture-or write in order- the cards that were drawn initially in your spread. You will refer to this throughout the year as you move through each month.

Next: Title your page: My Natal Sun Card and write the name (or pic) of the card drawn. Record your interpretations. Each month you will refer to this and your Moon card as they give the overall flavor to whatever card for the month has been drawn. Leave 2-3 blank pages before your next entry.

Your next entry will be your Natal Moon Card you drew. Follow the same procedure for its entries and the 2-3 blank pages following. Again this card will be one referred to each month.

And, finally set aside 3-blank pages for each of your astrological months. On the first page of each, write the name of the card in that spot on the spread. ie: My card : Capricorn-January was the Hermit. I will write The Hermit at the top of the page and record my impressions and interpretations of how I believe that card will play out during the month of January. Throughout the month, I will record any experiences or impressions that I have had that may relate to this card’s energy and how I may interpret it.

Of course the above are just suggestions. The important thing is to arrange your journal in a way that makes sense to you. You will be using it the entire year, so personalize it to your resonance.

To get you started, these are some basic keywords that will help in your interpretation. To read a little more about each check out the link at the bottom of this page for a good resource..

Card 1 – January – Capricorn
Manifest earth energy that has the ability to reach towards its highest aspirations as well as diving deeply into the stores of experience and foundations. Whatever is placed here has potential for slow-moving firmly rooted growth. This is a solar month of reaching and stretching as you seek those sure-footed capabilities that are yours to claim.

Card 2 – February – Aquarius
Visionary communication of airy mind that can see a broader and far reaching out-picturing of what can be conceived. Whatever is placed here will stimulate the creative process by thinking outside of the box and being aligned with the good for “all” not the the individual. This is a solar month of thinking outside the box and creating the vision of your place in the greater world.

Card 3 – March – Pisces
Compassionate waters that expand and contract as needed to serve the greater whole. Whatever is placed here has ability to heal and to course correct but only if care is taken not to allow yourself to drown in the overflow of emotion. This is a solar month of forgiveness and compassion for yourself so that you may be the buoy in the storm that others may need.

Card 4 – April – Aries
Enthusiasm and fresh perspective that imagines all is possible. Whatever is placed here is renewed by the Fire of Youth and optimism that any thing can be accomplished,. This is the exuberance of the child that sees no limitation. This is a solar month of reinventing yourself and seeing the possibilities.

Card 5 – May – Taurus
Strength and stability that is loyal and steadfast. This is a formidable energy that will hold strong and steady. Whatever is placed here deserves a closer look at what deserves protection and safe guarding. This is a solar month of identifying what in the material and manifest world is worth your safeguarding.

Card 6 – June – Gemini
Communication extraordinaire flows like the winds as the course of direction changes swiftly and with agility. Whatever is placed here needs to be communicated in all manner of ways. This is the opportunity for dialogue and creating new lines of communication. This is a solar month of not shying away from connection and interaction. Speak from the heart and be open to the dialogue that ensues.

Card 7 – July – Cancer
The emotive ebb and flow of the Moon flows through this space. Home, family and the definition of what feeds our soul is the desire. Whatever is placed here, highlights where you will find solace, comfort and support. This is a solar month to offer up appreciation for those people and things that are your unconditional support. Gratitude births more of its kind.

Card 8 – August – Leo
Charismatic Fire that is stable and unrelenting in its outpouring. This is the electromagnetic quality of the Sun itself. Whatever is placed here will shine front and center in the spotlight. This is a solar month to allow your gifts to shone and to become comfortable in being the leader and light of your destiny.

Card 9 – September – Virgo
Manifesting what is desire through analysis and detail. This is the energy that calculates, plans and reassesses in order find the most productive outcome. Whatever is placed here can be refined and retooled as excess and the unnecessary components that prevent strong foundations can be released. This is a solar month to look closely and long at what you have gathered to yourself, and be ruthless in leaving behind what no longer serves.

Card 10 – October – Libra
Harmonious balance that is beautiful and refined in its construct. This is the blueprint for having just enough without the need for more. Whatever is placed here can be brought to a state of equanimity that is not bound by equality. It is the concept that create the beauty of harmony, not the desire to over reach superficially. This is a solar month of finding the beauty in everything simply because you have changed the thought of what true “beauty” is and where it may lie.

Card 11 – November – Scorpio
Transformation that is catalyzed by intuitive and deeply held revelation within the waters of rebirth. Whatever is placed here has ability to offer choice of drawing into the light what has lain dormant and hidden perhaps even from you. This is the opportunity of the Phoenix rising from the ashes reborn. This is the solar month to remove the mask that you have become accustomed to as it burns in the flames of beauty reborn.

Card 12 – December – Sagittarius
Connection and networking through the reaching out of actions fiery striking of the match. Whatever is placed here calls to community and the will-filled action of pausing, taking precise aim and then letting loose of control trusting that these extensions of yourself will take hold. This is the solar month to seek out community, become the catalyst for change and hope and step into your gifts as a bridge of connection.

Your Natal Sun represents the light that you show to the world. It is your place of strength and could be equated to Inspired Mind of action.

Your Natal Moon represents the space of your emotions, feelings and what you desire. This card is the heart-felt energy that is intuitive and sensorially based.

For each solar month and the dynamics that are represented by the Card for that month, your natal Sun and Moon cards will describe how this energy may be used to align Mind and Heart as the gnosis of wisdom and intelligence of the heart are synthesized.

Natal Sun Card – The Top Center Card
Natal Moon Card – The Bottom Center Card

Pay particular attention to the Solar Month Cards that correspond to the astrological signs of your Natal Sun and Moon in your birth chart!

Dig Deeper?

To add an additional layer, you can draw a single new card for each astrological month. This card would be used as the support towards showing what may have changed from the initial date of the original New Year Spread draw and/or confirm more deeply what you previously interpreted for that month’s energy and focus.

Blessings for a spectacular Solar Year!

Resource for your Reading:

Temple of the Sun
Begin with Capricorn-As Above, So Below:Sun in Capricorn

** You can obtain this information online easily. There are several free sites like:

Cafe Astrology
Astrodienst Natal Chart

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