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Inspirations of Life

Contemplation of Creation  
I sit in the quiet space of my creation
Exhale and inhale of sweet breath and
Manifest being weaving a dance of life.
The singing bowl rings in harmony
With the levels of my being and radiant
Throat gives way to tone of vibration.
The Goddess moves through me as
We sing out the sounds of the
I am whole and complete in Her
Light of cosmic reflection.
My practice is that of knowing and
My magick weaves through time
Anchored in the stillness of my
Most loved creation….

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The Small Joys

A new site of inspiration. Enjoy!

Inspirations of Life

We are continually reminded to take note of those blessings in our lives that would otherwise remain unnoticed. The gentle smile of a stranger or precious time spent offering a kind word or act of encouragement and support.

In Light of COVID-19 and social distancing: A smile does not require that you be in close proximity to the individual. An act of encouragement can be a virtual reach out to someone who is shut in or self-quarantined. I was struck by the act of kindness that a dear friend exhibited recently. She dropped off packages in the front of the homes of two of her friends who had self-quarantined. The packages contained wine and a special treat. The plan was a video conference “get together” to raise spirits and stave off loneliness.

We are told of the treasures that are to be found in stilling the mind and sitting simply…

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Well spoken and timely representation of our Craft…



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A Witch's Sacred Journey

Today’s Post is an offering of astrology. Although it was written as a companion pathworking for a Full Moon in Pisces, it can be used at any time and as we all know this year has been particularly challenging at all levels. We could all use a bit of healing and what better time to seek the gifts of healing as we prepare to greet the burgeoning light of the Solstice. Click here for the post…

The Healing Moon of Grace


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Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

December 12.2019 aka 12.12.2019
12:12am (EST)

Uranus Retrograde in Astrological Taurus

As we near the end of this year-and a 10-year cycle within the year 2000, there is a lot of energy, change and shifts afoot. For many this year has been an especially challenging one at all levels. Climate change, political tensions, injustice, death, natural disasters and more have bombarded us with stressors beyond the norm that our technology driven day to day life imparts. And, today as Lady Moon rides high in the astrological sign of talkative Gemini and electrically charged Uranus remains retrograde it is the perfect time to “reboot”!

In technological jargon a “reboot” means that a device needs to be restarted, most notably after stalling or installation/introduction of a new program or application. The existing power is not terminated, as in shutting down and requiring a generation of start-up; instead I like to think of…

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Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

Image: KHQAnews

November 11.2019

Today (retrograde) Mercury will transit the Sun in a rare and auspicious event. We are also in the aura of a Full Moon in Taurus (Nov. 12 @ 8:34a.m. EST), giving this already powerful alignment even more potential for communication between the physical and spiritual nature of our being.

The Astrological Impact:

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio
Solar Month of Scorpio
Lunar Phase of the Full Moon in Taurus

The Mercury transit will occur over a 5.5 Hr. period, beginning at 7:34a.m. (EST) – peaking with the greatest contact at 10:34a.m.(EST) and having final contact around 1:04p.m.  (EST).

Read more here:


Knock! Knock! Who’s There?

Mercury is the quintessential planet of communication and is of the mental (Airy) realm. It guides the flow, quality and depth of how interaction occurs at all levels and assists in formulating the construct of thoughts, blueprint of experience and what…

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Day Thirteen… Check It Out!

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Today I have a special live recording of a pathworking recently done as part of the Labyrinth of the Dark Goddess series of classes. This particular experiential lends itself to the season of Samhain and our desire to seek the wisdom held at Death’s gate and make use of Hecate’s gifts and keys as part of our mundane/spiritual life.

When we seek to know ourselves in all of our parts, we are often resistant to know those selves in the form of death’s pall and we fear that meeting at the crossroads where we must surrender and leave behind what is of no value to our growth. This pathworking taking us through death’s door and the meeting with Hecate is one of trusting our innate nature to re-create and give birth anew to who we wish to bring back as our newly transformed self.

Find a comfortable space where you…

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Get ready for 30-days of Samhain!

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Please join me in our annual countdown to astrological Samhain. This year astrological Samhain falls on November 7th. I’ll be updating as we move through the daily posts and adding a few bonus surprises as well. 

Day One begins tomorrow, Wednesday, October 9th…. See you soon

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Dear Followers..

Please be patient for new posts. Two-weeks out from a total hip replacement but on the mend and soon back to posting and sharing. In the meantime, there is plenty to read in the archives. Enjoy!

Blessings …Robin

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I’ve been doing book reviews for the past few years and thought it would be fun to share. Enjoy!

The Sacred Literary

We have finally stepped into the vision of the Aquarian Age of seeing the bigger picture and having the ability to create those bridges of connection between what is seen and what has long been the stuff of imagination and speculation. Paths Between Head and Heart: Exploring the Harmonics of Science and Spirituality by Oliver Robinson engages the reader in becoming receptive to the correlations between the factual and provable world of science and the still indefinable and often immeasurable world of spirituality. The whole of which is a rather large undertaking to be written by a working scientist.


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